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Asphalt Reconstruction

Asphalt Reconstruction is sometimes necessary when properly maintained property nears the end of its life cycle which can range from 20 – 30 years. If annual maintenance like cleaning & crack sealing hasn’t been performed then reconstruction will be necessary much sooner. Sealing cracks and joints to prevent standing water should also be part of a regular maintenance program to extend the life of the asphalt.

When one of our professional paving team contractors determines that asphalt reconstruction is necessary we will recommend the following:

1. Mill & Pave – our paving team removes part of the paved surface of the road or parking lot to a certain depth and then grinds up the asphalt. The ground asphalt is recycled, a new surface is layered, and a fresh coat of asphalt is put down. Milling and Paving is a great solution for asphalt repair as well as an eco-friendly and cost effective solution.

2. Full Replacement – this project would occur if we can’t salvage the parking lot or roadway. The entire project would need demolition and excavation to be re-built. A project like this requires the attention of the experienced and trained paving professionals at Northeast Paving.